Understanding and Integrating the Universal Laws

Coaching and Energy-Work

You are invited to come to a session with any topic. We will have a close look together where it „sticks“ and where your resources are for a change or expansion. Sincere expression, a meticulous look and watching from different perspectives mostly help already a lot. Explorating the subject we will consider especially the universal laws (, becuase if you work against them you will block yourself and the free current of energies).

I work with careful talking, perception oft he body, energies and systemic technics. If you want so and it feels adequate also with movement.

chetan-erbeChetan Florian Erbe

Movement/ Dance Therapist (BTD), Teacherfor Dance and Contact Improvisation

Individual sessions 60 – 90 min

Languages: English, Espanol, Deutsch



Chetan F. Erbe, born 1967 in Germany

He is working as a therapist and teacher most of all with dance, movement, Martial Arts and forms of alert careful contact, combined with energy work and spiritual teachings. He is a dance/ movement therapist (BTD), pedagogue and dancer. Moreover he is educated in Tibetan Pulsing Yoga (Shantam Dheeraj) and technics of meditation of Osho. He travelled and learned in India, Africa and many countries of Europe. He works as a dance teacher since 1997, as a therapist since 2008.

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Chetan Florian Erbe
website: dance-tribe-healing.de
email: chetanovic@web.de
Tel: +34 643 171 386


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calle El Horno, 10
Playa Paraiso
38678 Adeje
Tenerife, Spain

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