Therapeutic & Spiritual massage “Soul in Touch”

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The soul is the essence of our being, very sensitive and easily irritated by the fast spinning world. Marco believes in the power of listening, not only to the physical body, but also to what the soul desires in this present time. Soul in Touch is a wonderful treatment to release the physical and mental pain we have accumulated on our way of life. We use the essence of the Thai Yoga Massage, Myo Fascial Release and Sensory Repatterning, coupled with other techniques and energy work that helps us to release. You will feel a state in which you no longer know whether you are sleeping or awake, a state of meditation and pure bliss.

Therapist: Marco Bartolomeo 
Tel. +34 662 055 233
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Foto para clase de yoga semanales Marco y Taller de masaje tailandese

Marco is a qualified Yoga & Bodywork therapist and has developed his own style. He has discovered a new form for himself, which he calls Yoga Qi Flow. Having studied healing arts mostly in Asia & the USA, Marco loves to share his knowledge.


Hacienda Cristóforo
Calle El Horno, 10
Playa Paraiso
38678 Adeje
Tenerife, Spain

Office: +34 922 741 967

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