Depurative & Regenerative semi fasting with Healthy feeding, Yoga ***From Friday 28th till Sunday 30th of June 2019***

Depurative & Regenerative semi fasting
with Healthy feeding, Yoga & Singing

¿What is the Depurative & Regenerative semi fasting program?
The semi-fasting program is a 3 days only with green juices, depurative soups, healthy
meals and herbal infusions that allow the body to normalize the energy that is usually
wasted on the digestive process, focusing into toxin release. This balances and improves
the function of all organs.
A day before the arrival you’ll start reducing in your diet the use of food with animal
origin, coffee, sugar, alcohol and processed meals so that you can prepare yourself fot th
detox. During the first day we will be eating solid healthy food to minimize the toxin
production, on the second day we will add salads, green juices, dry fruits, herbal
infusions and depurative soups, on the third day the feeding will only be through green
juices, depurative soups and herbal infusions. The next day after the end of the semifasting
you will break it with some solid meals, salads, green juices and depurative
We use fruits and vegetables with eco origin and produced right here at the Hacienda
Cristóforo and some other eco-farms around the island of Tenerife.
Addicionally you will recieve 2 yoga sessions of 60 minutes, 3 singing sessions with
therapeutical interest of 90 minutes each, 3 vegan therapeutical and regenerative
cooking lessons. There will also be meditation sessions, relaxing and therapeutical

¿What is actually a depurative regenerative semi-fasting all about?
It’s all about diminishing the ingestion of food during 3 days, so that the organism can
liberate acumulated toxins and helping you to reduce the amount of methabolical
biomarkers, such as insuline and glucose, asociated to chronic deseases like diabetes,
among others.
The semi-fasting is supported on theories and studies of Doctor Hiromi Shinya
(coinventor of the colonoscopy), specially on his last book ‘The enzyme to rejuvenate’.
In his book the points the possibility to preserve the supply of the prodigious enzymes,
reverting degenerative processes and strengthening the organism in order to enjoy of a
good and healty body through the years.

¿What benefits will the semi-fasting bring to you?
The semi-fasting eliminates or reduces toxins in our organism, the result of this
elimination is blood and organs oxygenation, increasing vitality. The physical activity
during our retreats accelerates the natural process of toxin elimination.
Reducing energy from the digestive system helps to microbiotic intestinal regeneration,
improving our digestion. During the complete purifying process, including the postfasting,
you can loose among 6 or 7 kg, which facilitates an optimum shape of the body
within and out.
During the depurative process our skin can rest and breath, with allows the possibility
for our dermis to regenerate many of its cells.
During the semi-fasting the cell multiplication slows down and the organism proceeds
to eliminate those old and faulty cells, which is known as Autophagy.
The semi-fasting allows a greater nutrient absortion, plus a wellness feeling, connection
to your inner self and mental clarity.

¿Where does the semi-fasting happens?
At the Hacienda Cristóforo, a beautiful place surounded by a privileged natural
environment. ( It’s an eco farm that offers spaces
for individual and group retreats located at the south of Tenerife, in the Canary Islands.
¿What does the program include?
• Short interview by phone, email or videocall.
• 2 nights sleeping at the farm.
• Complete pension (a plan adjusted to your personal needs)
• 3 vegan regenerative, therapeutic cuisine workshops.
• 2 x 1,0 hours of yoga
• 3 x 1.5 hours of therapeutical singing sessions.
• Guided meditation.
• Relaxing exercises.
• 1 x field trip through the nearby (30-45 min).
• Use of the therapeutic pool with relaxing sounds.
• Free safe water.
• Free parking.

¿Who are we?
Zuleika Briceño from Los Talleres Verdes de Zule, Dr. in Molecular Biology and
Biotechnology, specialist in biochemestry, alcaline feeding, green juices and medicinal
Yexza Lara, Singer, flutist and therapist. Specialized on sound therapy with voice and
movement of the body.
María Verdes Crespo, head of the Centro de Desarrollo Humano Salud Holística in
Fañabé (Tenerife). Rebirthing therapist, Transpersonal y Gestalt therapist, Yoga, Pilates
and Belly dance instructor.


Zuleika Briceño

+34 628 31 73 85


Hacienda Cristóforo
calle El Horno, 10
Playa Paraiso
38678 Adeje
Tenerife, España

Oficina: +34 922 741 967

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