WORKSHOP VOICESSENCE A Transformational vocal journey with Laor *** Friday 19 & 20 July 2019***

A transformational vocal journey with Laor

Friday 19th of July from 7pm till 8pm
Saturday 20th of July from 11am till 6pm

“VoicEssence is a new space…It is happening right now between all of us.
It is a magical door to infinite information and healing. A space where our voices, hearts and lives meet and create a fresh, wild and never before experienced music!”
Your Voice, Your Essence, Your Life
VoicEssence is a vocal-journey workshop, where a deep life changing experience is occurring, where people meet their deepest essence, life force and creativity through breath, sound and movement. It is a space where magic happens, pure love rules and harmony is in action.
Laor Oman-Naharin is a unique musician and an inner-journey travel guide whose main passion is to inspire and guide people to discover the power of their voice and its healing abilities and to deepen their musicality.

For more informations and bookings please contact with LauraSarah:
Tel/whatsapp: +34 676 83 96 78


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