Traditional Yoga — imparted by Aday Garcia

every Monday and Thursday from 17.30 to 19.00 hrs and Wednesday and Friday from 9.00 to 10.30 hrs

Please, always confirm your attendance if you are not a regular student.

Yoga practise gets you a healthy and full of vitality body, a calm and concentrated mind and waking consciousness.

Classes are inspired at the time by merging hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, dance or yoga exercises in pairs among others, so that each class is a door to the discovery of yourself. Suitable for both, beginners and regular practitioners.

“No hay caminos para la paz, la paz es el camino”
Mahatma Gandi

Om Shanti

Aday Garcia.1with: Aday Isidro Garcia Diaz
(Psicólogo, terapeuta y profesor de yoga)


Tel: +34 636 031 139

Aday offers assistance to recover well-being and overall health. In a work presence. In the intimate encounter with oneself it is where a space of silence and calm opens in order to resolve any conflict that generates suffering in our lives. Psychological assistance guides you in this quest for balance, thus solving problems of anxiety, depression, stress, emotional disorders, sexual problems, addictions, fears and other disorders that diminish your ability to experience peace and happiness Treatment for adolescents, adults, familiar. Especializado in couples therapy and body work through teaching Yoga he offers therapeutic massage treatments to recover injuries, Thai massage, relaxing massage, reflexology and other appropriate techniques for each particular case. He also works with breathing techniques to generate altered states of consciousness from which resolve conflicts or take inspiration as well as hypnosis.


Hacienda Cristóforo
calle El Horno, 10
Playa Paraiso
38678 Adeje
Tenerife, Spain

Office: +34 922 741 967
Denis, mobile: +34 676 440 784

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