Massages & Reiki Therapy

From deeper and more energetic massages such as traditional Thai Massage (with or without Tok Sen) and Ayurvedic Yoga Massage performed on a futon on the ground to Relaxing massages and / or decontracturing massages using all the added benefits that Aromatherapy can bring us, in addition to Foot Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage.

Reiki therapy is an energy healing and balancing therapy that consists in the channelling and transmission of vital energy through laying hands over the body. It works on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Sandra Ramos

Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master certified in India by indian masters and in Spain

Massage therapist certified in Tailand, India, Bali and Spain

Acces Bars Counsciousness Practitioner official certification

Individual Sessions de 60 – 90 min

Therapist: Sandra Ramos
Tel: +34 691 31 31 45



Facebook: @sandrayogaandtherapies

Instagram: @sandrayogatenerife

Languages: English & Spanish



Please note, all therapy appointments must be booked in advance via phone, WhatsApp or email directly with the Therapist. Please email or call  +44 7860730931 for more information on other therapies to choose from.