Physiotherapy & Holistic Therapies

Physiotherapy apply tools such as PNF, Bobath, Manual Therapy, Brunkow, therapeutic massage, manual lymphatic drainage …
Physiotherapy means Rehabilitation and Prevention. It is a therapy for with people with any kind of physical or emotional conditions.

Holistic therapies include Bodywork, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, and Bio Magnetic Therapy. In addition I use Kinesiology, making each treatment individual and personalized.

Elena Herz

– Physiotherapist
– tenured in Canary Islands
– speaks English, Spanish, German

Tel: +34 600 424 252


Please note, all therapy appointments must be booked in advance via phone, WhatsApp or email directly with the Therapist. Please email or call  +44 7860730931 for more information on other therapies to choose from.