Physiotherapy & Holistic Therapies

Physiotherapy apply tools such as PNF, Bobath, Manual Therapy, Brunkow, therapeutic massage, manual lymphatic drainage …
Physiotherapy means Rehabilitation and Prevention. It is a therapy for with people with any kind of physical or emotional conditions.

Holistic therapies include Bodywork, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, and Bio Magnetic Therapy. In addition I use Kinesiology, making each treatment individual and personalized.

Elena Herz

– Physiotherapist
– tenured in Canary Islands
– speaks English, Spanish, German

Tel: +34 600 424 252


Please note, all therapy appointments must be booked in advance via phone, WhatsApp or email directly with the Therapist. We offer several other therapists not included in the list below. Please email info@haciendacristoforo or call  +34 671 348 702  for more information on other therapies to choose from.