Halls - Sala Central

This hall, together with Sala Magna and Huerta, offers room for various treatments and many other different functions and activities that can provide inner balance and harmony whilst also helping to create vitality, energy and awareness. This hall is also used by our school.

All three halls were designed by Denis Devaris for children with special needs in surroundings of outstanding natural beauty. The perfect antidote to stressful urban life. They all provide an ideal environment in which to restore and replenish on every level to bring about total well-being.

Facilities near-by Sala Central include two public toilet/shower rooms and a large communal kitchen and dining room. This leads to an idyllic semi-tropical garden where there is a large outdoor dining table offering a view over a courtyard and gardens.

Eating al fresco has its own particular charm under a sprawling Ficus tree as the sun goes down, or sitting under this majestic tree also providing shade on hot days.

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