Halls - Sala Magna

The Sala Magna is a radiant jewel in the crown of Cristóforo. Its imposing structure, set in a colourful oasis of blossoming semi-tropical plants and trees, showcases the unique architecture of Denis Devaris. It is an combination of both cherished traditions, using local crafted wooden windows from Bali, and new ideas in architecture, taking you on a journey into a haven of peace and meditation. Beauty is never lost sight of and nothing was done without considering the effect of the landscape from every point of view.

The hall interior is painted in warm pinks and burnt orange and offers a small bathroom and a gallery above the hall. It can be adapted to many different functions or activities. It also allows group and class activities for our little Waldorf School. The charm and character of the Sala Magna building is enhanced by the setting and singing birds. The definitions of the Latin word magna, means “great” and also “magnet”.

Adjacent to the Sala Magna is a small meditation, massage and treatment room. Its stunning entrance is an old intricate hand-sculpted door from Bali.

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