Temazcalli Sweat Lodge

For many indigenous cultures in prehispanic times, the Temazcalli had been a great tool to prevent inbalance of health, what we know these days as sickness. In this ancient Mexican treatment, the body is introduced into a hot space, similar to the North American sweat lodge or the well known sauna. This holistic healing treatment can dissolve blockages on the physical, emocional, spiritual and mind levels, whether by a single treatment or by a group-led dynamic.

Uwe Jürgens

Uwe Jürgens was born in Germany and has lived for 20 years in the Canary Islands. Introduced to the traditional healing practices of Mexico by the author and healer Elena Avilla, in Alburquerque, New Mexico in the USA in 2002. Since then he spent his time studying and working with the healer Eloxchiti Yvonne Buendía in San Paolo de Tecalco, Mexico.

Tel: +34 602 531 761
Email: te_maz_calli@yahoo.com.mx


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