About Us

Hacienda Cristóforo is a place of peace and retreat in the South of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. This environment with its unique houses, gardens and fountains attracts professional group leaders and therapists from all over the world to utilize our facilities as a venue for their events and activities, taking advantage of our overnight accommodations for longer stays.

We host a wide variety of retreats and events ranging from Yoga, Hiking, Nutrition, Cleansing, Healing and Wellness therapies aimed at removing the pressures, demands, and stresses of daily life.

Forty-Four years ago one could not have believed how dry and arid the site was with no vegetation, just rocks. Yet the energy of the site and rawness of the earth captivated the imagination of its founder, the architect and therapist Denis Devaris, to create a retreat where like-minded people could collaborate their ideas through workshops and seminars. It is now an ecological centre where space is provided for individual retreat or a retreat venue to which professional seminar leaders can bring their groups, just a 15 minute-walk away from the coastline.

“It doesn’t make sense to talk about spiritual science, if it is not dedicated to service Humankind”

Rudolf Steiner

Based on Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophic Philosophy and open to any like-minded movement, this Centre welcomes any visitor looking for peace, quiet and good weather. The environment itself is designed to therapeutically revitalize the exhausted and relax the stressed one.

“Tonight, I have dreamed that I was a butterfly. But, how could I know, if I am a man who has dreamed that he was a butterfly, or a butterfly that now is dreaming being a man?”

Chang Tsé, Chinese Philosopher

CRISTOFORO Centre has opened his doors to groups performing medical-therapeutic, as well as personal development activities. The criteria to support these activities have been those of facilitating the development of an spiritual awakening with a clear consciousness, without any artificial stimuli.

“We are not Human Beings having a Spiritual Experience, but Spiritual Beings, having a human experience”

Mystical Christians

The essence of this Centre is based on the absence of dogmatism and sectarism, respect to freedom, individuality and integrity of each and every person.

Hacienda Cristóforo Rudolf Steiner Association of Arts, Agriculture, Education and Complementary Therapies. Charity Organization, registered in Gobierno de Canarias, number G1/S1/7609-86/TF. Since 1986

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Hacienda Cristóforo - Denis Devaris - Founder

Denis Devaris (1929-2023) - Founder

Denis Devaris is the father and soul of the Cristoforo Center, which he founded in 1986. Denis combined the true ethos of Anthroposophy, based on the work of Rudolf Steiner with his creative architecture, to shape his vision: the development of a center of natural well-being, fulfilling its ecological and organic principles, where it has managed to gather a group of therapists and congenital healers.

The therapists are dedicated to improving the health of everyone, doing their work in this environment. The environment with its unique houses, gardens and fountains invites solitary people as well as families to spend a peaceful and relaxing time.